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ECO TOURS LIMITED is a locally owned & operated Trekking and Safari Outfitter operating from Moshi, Kilimanjaro on the slopes of the world famous mountain of the same name. ECO TOURS was established to specialise in adventure holidays in Tanzania and East Africa. ECO TOURS is a Registered and Licensed Tour Company by the Government as well as Tanzania Tourism Licensing Board. Predominantly cantered around Mt Kilimanjaro and the various trekking routes, the company has expanded to include trekking on the lesser-known Mt Meru and to encompass wildlife safaris in the Northern Tanzania Game Parks. Over the years the company has accumulated a wealth of experience and would like to use their knowledge of Tanzania to give any traveler a wonderful and memorable experience.

Why You Choose ECO Tours to Book Your Kilimanjaro Routes Package?


We take individual consideration to give our travellers quality services. So as to offer you the most genuine wildlife experience possible, we have made the best schedules based on our long periods of experience. We believe in the benefits of individual travel, and that travellers should enjoy a destination on their own terms and journey at their own pace. Surely, they ought to discover the attractions that address their particular likings, tastes, and foundations.


Our profound knowledge, on-the-ground presence, and enthusiasm for worldwide travel, alongside a dedication to customised service, bring our destinations alive in one of a kind and interesting ways, while guaranteeing quality and safety at each progression. At long last, we trust that the simple best vacations are the ones that make you feel special and enable you to take part in the spots you visit.

Core Values:

We at ECO TOURS try to provide high quality, personalised and professional services to each of our clients for very efficient and competitive rates. Our equipment is top-of-the-line, as is our staff! We look forward to being part of your African journey.

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If you're looking for a tailor-made tour, it means you want a customized travel experience designed specifically for your preferences, interests, and requirements.


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Frequently Asked

Kilimanjaro is climbable all year round. The best months to climb are December-march, and September October, which are the warmest and driest months. The next best is June to august, but they are colder. July, august, and September are the busiest months. Summiting on or soon after a full moon is very beautiful and helps illuminate the landscape without using headlamps. However, it is also very bright for sleeping and stars are not as visible.

Malaria is a serious problem in east Africa so you must consult your doctor about getting effective malaria prophylaxis for your visit. Many people are avoiding lariam nowadays and using malarone. You cannot catch malaria above 3000 meters on Kilimanjaro, but you must be careful below that altitude, particularly if you visit the coast where the strains of malaria tend to be especially virulent.

Temperatures range from 25 to 30 degrees celsius at the foot of the mountain and -15 to -20 degrees celsius on top plus wind chill. Lower down, it can be wet and humid, but higher up, there can be snow. Rain and snow may be encountered any time of the year!

It requires no technical climbing experience, and any moderately fit person can summit the mountain.

Your decision will depend on where you want to sleep and the hiking distance each day and number of days of each route. On the Marangu route, you sleep in huts with simple beds, while on all the other routes, you sleep in tents. There are two main routes on the mountain: the Marangu and Machame. You may also want to consider the Rongai route as it is far less traveled. The Lemosho route is a good choice if you want a longer route (8+ days). Kindly visit our kili routes page.

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Kilimanjaro is a sustainable luxury trekking operator offering climbing in some of the most breathtaking, remote mount kilimanjaro in the Tanzania.

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